Virtual Court Case Study: Best Practices for Sharing Evidence and More

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The pandemic has caused a disruption in the court system creating challenges with providing access to justice and with building backlogs. Now, more than ever, all are looking for better ways to hold Virtual Hearings as needed. How are the courts dealing with the changes and how are they able to operate under new conditions? What does that mean for the lawyers and how they work effectively with the changes? This evolution in how the courts operate is not a one and done – these are changes that enhance the ability of the courts to operate under varied circumstances and will be with us going forward.  

Virtual Court Case Study – Best Practices for Sharing Evidence and More

In this webcast, you’ll hear about the practical implementations for succeeding in a virtual court environment, including a case study on how the Texas courts are leveraging technology to share evidence and provide access to justice in the now digital world.

“The reason the court went virtual and online was to answer the question, how do we provide access to justice?  So we went virtual so that the doors of the courtroom could remain open.”
Judge Victor Villarreal

You’ll come away with:

  • Key things to consider in effectively maneuvering the changing court system
  • Practical tips you can use today
  • How to virtually share evidence with key solutions from Thomson Reuters
  • Lessons learned by Courts who are on the cutting-edge of technology advancements since the pandemic. 

Kendall Smith
Andrea Kilby
Adrian Fulford
Judge Victor Villarreal
Business Development Manager
Thomson Reuters
Director of UK Business Development
The Rt Hon. Lord Justice Fulford
Judge, TX
Honour Judge Alistair William McCreath
Retired Senior Circuit Judge UK

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