Rethinking Competitive Advantage


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Traditionally, law firms have had a definition of competitive advantage that centered around their internal talent, the firm's reputation, and their approach to client service.

While all of these still apply, both legal clients and the industry at large have become more sophisticated. What was once an advantage is now the norm. How can your law firm regain its edge?

The answer is a shift in perspective. Whereas monolithic branding and gilded leadership once won business through reputation and history, today's field is open to all. Especially those who are willing to pull back the curtain on their business and show value in ways that appeal to the customer.

In this webcast, we'll explore what it means to have a competitive advantage, and how law firms are embracing technology, transparency, and the expectations of their clients. The competition is as fierce as ever, but the solution requires a new approach.

Matt Crowley
Director of Proposition Strategy - Large Law
Thomson Reuters

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