Public Records: Florida
Learn More About Client Due Diligence in an Ever-Changing Environment
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In our changing environment where we no longer are having face-to-face conversations with our new clients, how are you conducting your client due diligence? What do you really know about the individual on the other end of the phone who is seeking your legal services? How are you confirming what your potential client has shared with you, or uncovering what they may have failed to share with you? 

During this session, you will see how to quickly determine relevant information about people and their connections, using deep cross-referencing and smart technology that enables researchers to find relationships between people, assets and adverse filings in public records. Our national product specialist, Mary Anne Manoles, will show you how this can be done in minutes anywhere you have access to the internet.

Mary AnneManoles
Product Specialist,
Thomson Reuters
Mary Anne will share the importance of investigative work in your law firm practice from due diligence to locating defendants to possible witness impeachment.
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