Pressures on Federal Lawyers and Resources That Can Help

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Join us for an exclusive, virtual event for Federal Government lawyers that helps address the issues specific to you.

  • Budget uncertainty - and the occasional shutdown - which inhibit hiring new lawyers.
  • Trying to find practice guidance or a template when getting started on unfamiliar matters.
  • Having to take basically any legal issue that crosses your desk - limited outsourcing.
  • Being responsive to agency clients and stakeholders with the added pressure of being in the public eye.

Plus, learn more about resources available for matters that often pertain to Federal Government attorneys such as: FOIA, Privacy Act and Information Law Labor and Employment Procurement and Fiscal Law Litigation and others, and more! Our expert, Zach Ratzman, a former Federal Government attorney, will walk you through ways to make your days more productive and efficient and share resources he wished HE had had when in practice.

Zach Ratzman
Director of Product Management at Thomson Reuters Practical Law

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