How HighQ Elevates Law Firm Productivity

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Lawyers are used to complexity – handling intricate matters is part of the job. But, navigating labor-intensive, manual processes often gets in the way.

Firm leaders face other challenges: charting the right path for the business – and meeting clients’ expectations, requires detailed reporting and analysis – usually at a moment’s notice.

To do it all - law firms need a tool that makes this work easier, so they can be more productive.

HighQ is a solution made for legal professionals that streamlines processes so you can:

  • Operate a modern law firm
  • Manage deadline-driven work seamlessly
  • And deliver an exceptional client experience

HighQ elevates the way lawyers work and how firms operate.

Sue Marshall
Director of Knowledge Management
Buckley LLP
Robin Porter
Head of Practice Innovation & Knowledge Management
Carol Phillips
Foot Anstey, LLP
Tara Walsh
Client Solutions Lead
Foot Anstey, LLP
Jason Yi
Director of Department Operations
Polsinelli PC
Stuart Barr
Chief Platform Strategist
Thomson Reuters

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