No Day But Today:
Steps to Strengthen Your Small Law Firm
Small law firms have known for years of the many daunting challenges they have faced, but few have taken meaningful action to address them. Simply put, there’s no time like the present to address them. The time is now given the monumental changes the pandemic has caused on the legal profession. In particular, there are two areas firms must focus on: First, improving their digital marketing to keep a steady flow of business coming in, and second, increasing their back-office efficiency to deliver better client value and service and operate more effectively overall.

Join our webcast to hear from Thomson Reuters experts as they analyze findings from the State of Small Law Firms Report and share practical steps that you can take to materially improve in these two critical areas.

Mark Haddad
General Manager
Legal Professionals
Thomson Reuters
Michael Plambeck
Legal Editor Know-How
Thomson Reuters
Mike Beitcher
Regional Digital Strategist
Thomson Reuters

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