How Midsize Law Firms Managed to End 2020 with Record Profit Growth

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The market conditions in 2020 forced law firm leaders to sharpen their pencils and tested firms’ business acumen. Savvy firms were able to turn a 3% decline in overall demand into a nearly 15% year over year growth in profits through sound financial management. Join Jordan Schuetzle, Director Proposition Strategy and Market Development at Thomson Reuters, and Bill Josten, Strategic Content Manager for the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute, for a conversation about how these firms managed to be so successful and what lies ahead in the coming year.

Join this session for:
  • A discussion about where firms cut costs and how they dutifully managed client budgets and collections to maintain profits
  • A look forward to what successful law firm operations will look like through the rest of 2021
  • Real-world examples from some of the most profitable midsize law firms

Jordan Schuetzle
Bill Josten
Director Proposition Strategy and Market, Development, Thomson Reuters
Strategic Content Manager for the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute

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