Making the Most of Automation with HighQ
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Automation isn’t just a trending topic. It’s the future of law firm operations, right here in the present.

Want to hear what it’s really like when a law firm embraces automation? Join us for a discussion with two leaders in legal automation. We’ll explore automation as a part of a broader process tool, take a look at how it’s used today, and consider where automation will take firms in the next few years.

  • Automating of documents introduction
  • Using workflows to support drafting reviews – e.g. enabling junior resources to draft and learn
  • Using document management features to support execution processes from first draft, through negotiation to execution
  • Using portals to support client-facing automation, and moving beyond automation to true engagement
  • Using portals and processes to track obligations – based around CCMT proposal.
  • Using data visualisation for continual improvement in areas like types of transactions, turn-around time, delays, and more

Will Sumners
Will leads Echo’s client delivery, relationship management and service innovation and manages Echo's day to day operations. When it comes to legal automation experience few people have greater expertise.

He has led automation projects internationally working across a range of law firms and legal operations teams, interacting with all levels of those organisations. His mastery of detail and a methodological approach has driven a long track record of project success.

Will Sumners joined Echo from Thomson Reuters where he was Director of Software Solutions Services. He has extensive experience of Contract Express automation, implementation and management.

He is a graduate of the University of St Andrews.
Julie Saliba
Julie Saliba is Echo's Client Services Director and has 20 years’ experience of implementing automation projects for leading law firms and legal operations teams in the UK, Europe and the US.

Julie joined Echo from Linklaters LLP where she gained extensive knowledge of automating complex documents for lawyer use as well as client facing projects.

She has deep solution expertise in Contract Express and is one of the world's most capable automators.

Julie is a graduate of the University of Surrey.

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