Follow the Money: Fighting Fraud in the Unemployment Insurance System During COVID-19

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With hundreds of billions in government aid flowing across America, criminals are capitalizing on the confusion and volume to perpetrate an unprecedented scale of fraud – and take money from those who need it most. The U.S. Department of Labor is funding $100 million for state efforts to combat this fraud and recover improper payments. How can states ensure this critical aid ends up in the right hands? Join Jon Coss, Vice President - Risk, Fraud, and Compliance, Thomson Reuters, Lisa Schmith, Leadership Consultant and former Chief Investigator, Unemployment Insurance Fraud, and Randy Gillespie, Project Director, Unemployment Insurance Integrity Center, NASWA as they discuss:

  • How COVID-19 has upped the game for criminals and those dedicated to stopping them
  • How technology and public-private partnerships play a big role in detecting and investigating these crimes
  • How this new funding effort by the DOL can turn the tide
  • What the future may look like post-pandemic

Jon Coss
Vice President - Risk, Fraud, and Compliance, Thomson Reuters
Lisa Schmith
CEO of Meridian Leadership Solutions, former Chief Investigator, Unemployment Insurance Fraud
Randy Gillespie
Director, NASWA Unemployment Insurance Integrity Center

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