Document Automation - Back to Basics

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Document automation is a tried and trusted tool utilised by many firms. Key drivers are to increase efficiency in drafting, increased standardisation and improved quality of precedents, and for client offering differentiation. For those firms not currently using a document automation tool, where to start?

This is the first of three webinars that will explore document automation for new users, those researching it's uses, and experienced alike.

Key Topics:
  • What is document automation and how has it changed over time?
  • How is a document automated and where to start?
  • Why automate?
  • Key considerations, questions and expectations for those researching automation.

Kate Stanfield
Shirlee Gardiner
Cassandra Waddy
Joseph Raczynski
Director of Knowledge Management, Collas Crill LLP
Senior Legal Secretary, Farha Legal Ltd.
Director - Product Management, Thomson Reuters
Technologist/Futurist, Thomson Reuters

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