Document Automation: Deployment and Integration

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This is the finale of our three webinars exploring document automation. In Episode 1 - Back to Basics we explored what is document automation, what can it do, and what should firms consider. In Episode 3 - Advanced Automation we looked at what firms can learn from automation to the deployment of other technologies, and what use cases are possible once challenges of resource and engagement are overcome. 

In this final episode we will focus on how the law firm DWF Law LLP is looking at integration with HighQ and specifically on the use cases they’ve identified for integrating document automation via Contract Express into a HighQ platform. We hope this will bridge the gap between our basic and advanced episodes and give real-world examples of the steps along the way to automation.

Anna Turner
Joseph Raczynski
Laura Sanders
Jonathan Patterson
Director - Software Solutions, Thomson Reuters
Manager, Technical Client Management, Thomson Reuters
Legal Technology Manager, Managed Services, DWF Law
MD - Ventures Innovation, DWF Group Plc.

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