Practical Law and Westlaw Edge: Helping You Navigate UK Law Beyond Brexit

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The transition period has ended and there are new rules in place, but this has not removed the high-impact risks that surround Brexit. Listen to the recordered discussion with our experts from Practical Law and Westlaw Edge. Get an overview of Brexit coverage and key resources to help you successfully navigate the post-Brexit world.

Product highlights include:

  • Practical Law’s Beyond Brexit page
  • Post-transition resources
  • Practice Area and EU member state resources
  • Impact of Brexit on UK Legislation
  • Westlaw Edge's resources to navigate through the complexities of multiple jurisdictions

Together, Practical Law and Westlaw Edge together are positioned to arm you with the tools you need to confidently navigate the changing landscape. Register now.

Joanna Morris
Charlotte Brady
Anne O’Connor
Senior Director, Practical Law, Legal Europe
Product Manager, Content Strategy Editorial, Legal Europe
Brexit Editor, Practical Law, Legal Europe

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