More Courts are Adopting Westlaw Edge; What Does That Mean For You?

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See why more courts are making the switch to Westlaw Edge and what that means for you. Without Westlaw Edge, you are missing insights that state and federal courts have readily available. Judges can instantly know if you are citing a point of law that has been implicitly overruled. Can you? Judges can also quickly identify highly relevant authority that may be missing from your brief. Can you? Join this webcast to learn more about Westlaw Edge and how you can be more competitive and confident in the courtroom to better represent your clients.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • What is Westlaw Edge
  • How a case may be impacted if a Judge has access to these tools and you don’t
  • Why you need Westlaw Edge to remain competitive

Joe Kerber
Westlaw Product Management Team
Thomson Reuters

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