Cure Your Legal Writing
FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
with Quick Check
Do you often wonder if you’ve uncovered the best legal authority? Are you ever worried you’ve left a research stone unturned as you go to write a reply brief?

This interactive webinar will show you how Westlaw Edge™ Quick Check can help you draft stronger briefs and feel confident you’ve found key precedent by learning how to effectively use Quick Check throughout your drafting process. 

Topics covered include:

  • How to ensure you haven’t missed anything important in your legal research
  • How to identify potential weaknesses in your opponent’s work
  • How to refresh or update a past winning argument

Fill in the form to register and learn more about how Westlaw Edge Quick Check can help you and your business.

Pam Munter
Customer Trainer
Thomson Reuters
Pam Munter is an attorney and Customer Trainer at Thomson Reuters. Pam has worked in the legal services industry for over 30 years helping customers utilize technology to increase their efficiency.  Pam provides virtual training for Westlaw products and services enabling law firms to conduct efficient, cost-effective legal research and draft high-quality documents for their clients.

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