Moving your firm's financial and practice management system to the cloud? Key traits for choosing the right provider.
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Periods of uncertainty can consistently build apprehension within law firms, including the hesitation to move their financial and practice management system to the cloud. However, this hesitation is waning, as cloud philosophy is shifting rapidly. In 2020, the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) found that 56% of law firms aspired to move to the cloud with every system upgrade. That number has jumped to 76%, meaning it is just a matter of time until they move their financial management system there.

There are of number of things to think about when choosing the right financial and practice management system solution and partner. In this webcast, we will cover several key considerations you should keep in mind when making this choice, as well as advantages you’ll gain when choosing the right solution.

In this webcast, you'll learn more about:

  • Why Cloud Native is so important for law firms
  • Tackling security head on and de-risking ownership of your finance system
  • What the fresh approach to running a native cloud finance system looks like and the things you need to consider

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Nathan Hayes
IT Director
Osborne Clark LLP
Jeremy Morris
Global Head of Finance Systems
Clyde & Co LLP
Mark Gendein
Chief Architect, Elite
Thomson Reuters
Duncan Hannigan
Sales Director, Financial and Case Management, Europe
Thomson Reuters 

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