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From phishing attacks and identify theft to money laundering and data breaches, large-scale fraud is on the rise. International criminal networks are leveraging new capabilities and more readily available identity data to steal billions every year from consumers and industry. In the US alone, losses from identity theft rose to more than $700 billion in 2020. In a global study from PwC, nearly half of businesses reported attempted fraud in the past 24 months, at a cost of $42 billion. The challenges and impacts have never been greater. How can government and private institutions mitigate risks, prevent fraud - and protect both the public and their organizations? Join our expert panel as we discuss:

  • The evolution of fighting fraud: Challenges, victories, and lessons learned so far
  • How pandemics and other public crises, including natural disasters, create new openings for criminals
  • Thwarting tech savvy fraudsters with high-tech tools and new approaches
  • Future forms of fraud - and how to think about what's next
Time will be saved at the end of the discussion to allow for an open Q&A session where you can engage directly with our experts.

Gina Jurva
Attorney & Manager of Market Insights and Thought Leadership
Corporates and Government

Gina Jurva, Esq., is Manager of the Corporates and Government enterprise content platform for Thomson Reuters. Gina works on solutions to some of the world’s most pressing fraud issues including anti-money laundering (AML), e-commerce fraud, and healthcare fraud, in addition to risk and regulatory compliance.

In a previous role at Thomson Reuters, Gina worked as a Senior Legal Writer and Editor. Additionally, she spent a combined 11 years as a deputy district attorney handling both misdemeanor and felony cases and later, her own legal practice defending clients in criminal matters.

Gina graduated from Santa Clara University with a BA in English and a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. She later obtained her law degree with dual specialization certificates in criminal law and litigation. She recently graduated from the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University.
James Robnett
Deputy Chief
IRS Criminal Investigation

James (Jim) Robnett is the Deputy Chief, Criminal Investigation. Jim is responsible for overseeing a worldwide staff of 3,000 CI employees, including approximately 2,100 special agents in 20 Field Offices and 11 foreign countries, who investigate crimes involving tax, money laundering, public corruption, cyber, ID theft, narcotics and terrorist-financing.  Jim began his career as a Special Agent in 1994 and has moved through the leadership ranks holding senior executive positions in Chicago, New York City and Washington DC.
Channing Mavrellis
Illicit Trade Director
Global Financial Integrity

Channing Mavrellis is Global Financial Integrity’s Illicit Trade Director, focusing on the intersection of illicit financial flows, transnational crime, and international trade. Ms. Mavrellis has over a decade of experience working on issues related to AML/CFT and has been conducting data-driven analysis of illicit trade and trade-related IFFs since joining GFI in 2013. Her publications include Transnational Crime and the Developing World, Out of the Woods, Illicit Financial Flows and the Illegal Trade in Great Apes, and a forthcoming report on financial crimes in Latin America and the Caribbean (October 2021).
Roy Dotson
Assistant Special Agent
Secret Service

Assistant Special Agent in Charge Roy Dotson has been in law enforcement for 29 years with 18 years dedicated to the Secret Service.  He started his career in the Orlando Field Office, moved on to multiple Headquarters assignments in Washington, DC, and now is currently in the Jacksonville Field Office as the supervisor of criminal investigations and the North Florida Cyber Fraud Task Force. ASAIC Dotson has extensive knowledge and investigative experience regarding all types of fraud, money laundering, and asset forfeiture. ASAIC Dotson has spoken at over 30 national and international conferences and as a subject matter expert on money laundering, virtual currency, cyber fraud investigations, and asset forfeiture. ASAIC Dotson has briefed Congressional delegations, foreign government executive bodies, US government executives, and professional organizations on criminal investigative strategies and techniques. His criminal investigations have been successful in numerous convictions and the recovery of over $4 billion in illicit assets and has earned him numerous awards and accolades. ASAIC Dotson holds master’s degrees from the Naval Postgraduate School and the University of Central Florida.

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