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Learn the benefits of implementing an online case management system for your arbitration institute
Virtual Event Date:
March 03, 2021

Virtual Event Time:
03:00 PM GMT

Due to an increased need for online hearings and remote working environments, arbitration institutes have quickly pivoted to accelerate the digital processes required for arbitration cases. To help support the new digital environment, the Working Group on LegalTech Adoption in International Arbitration was formed to establish a new "Protocol for Online Case Management in International Arbitration"-- which calls for an increase in online case management solutions for arbitration matters.

In this webinar, you'll hear from Lise Alm, Head of Business Development of the SCC (Stockholm Chamber of Commerce) regarding lessons learned on selecting and implementing an online case management system, and Sebastiaan Bos, Director of Solutions, Thomson Reuters, who will provide a live demonstration of HighQ – including practical examples of how a case management platform can be leveraged to:
  • Seamlessly allow parties to collaborate, share documents and engage with the arbitration process
  • Manage your arbitration cases in a case management system and automate your internal processes
  • Create proceeding tasks per party so everyone can follow the progress and the pre-defined process steps - among other benefits

Lise Alm
Lise Alm
Head of Business Development at the SCC
Lise is head of business development at the SCC including innovation, digitalization and the SCC Platform. With an M&A background both as external counsel and in-house at Spotify, and business background heading the business department at other tech start-ups, she brings new perspectives to the arbitration world.
Sebastiaan Bos
Sebastiaan Bos 
Director of Solutions Consulting, Thomson Reuters
In his role, Sebastiaan works with Law firms, Corporates, public institutes and arbitration institutes to help them digitalise their legal work-flow processes using the Thomson Reuters platform. Sebastiaan has worked in the legal technology industry for more than 15 years and has a deep understanding of legal processes and how to digitalise  them.
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