Behind the Scenes of Service: Everyday Heroes in Action

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At Thomson Reuters, we believe in the power of recognizing and celebrating heroes amongst us. Each year, we proudly honor individuals and organizations that are dedicated to going above and beyond for their communities. 

Hear from two of our remarkable Everyday Heroes recipients who have harnessed the transformative power of Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud Solutions to uphold justice and protect those in need. Stories range from a state prosecutor locating a parent evading court-ordered child support, to an investigation of child pornography and sexual exploitation. 

Join us on-demand, for this can't-miss conversation.

Our esteemed Everyday Heroes:
Samantha Eriks
Investigator, Child Support Division
Lake County Prosecutor’s Office
Samantha Eriks is an investigator for the Child Support Division of the Lake County Prosecutor's Office in Lake County, IN. She received her associate degree in criminal justice in 2011. She was hired by the Elected Prosecutor Bernard Carter in 2019. Since that time, she has served families by locating, researching, and investigating issues for the thousands of cases handled by the office.

Samantha was chosen as an Everyday Hero Award winner in 2022 and was also awarded the 2022 State of Indiana's K.I.D. award for her dedication and work ethic in the office. She is passionately inspired and empowered by the children of the cases handled by the office and is dedicated to advocating for their future.  
John Peirce
Law Enforcement
Davis County Sheriff's Office
Sergeant John "JP" Peirce is an experienced law enforcement professional serving the Davis County Sheriff’s Office in Utah. With a diverse background in Corrections, Patrol, Civil Service, Investigations, Peer Support and SWAT.

He has made significant contributions as a member of the FBI Child Exploitation Task Force and the Attorney General’s Office ICAC. Furthermore, he has served as the Investigations Sergeant and currently holds the position as the Child Abduction Response Team Commander. Beyond his field experience, JP is academically accomplished, boasting a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and a master's degree in international relations, further enriched by a minor in conflict resolution.  
Daani Svonkin 
Senior Client Executive 
Thomson Reuters 
Daani Svonkin is a Senior Client Executive with Thomson Reuters serving law enforcement and government accounts in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Guam. Daani joined Thomson Reuters in 2016 after a 23-year career at the City of San Bernardino Police Department. 

 Daani enjoyed working a variety of roles at the police department but found her niche as the Asset Forfeiture and Intel Analyst in the Vice/Narcotics Division where she utilized a variety of resources including the CLEAR database to identify many subjects and successfully forfeit millions of dollars of illegal proceeds from the sales, manufacturing and transportation of narcotics in addition to assisting other department specialized units and their cases. 

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