Schedule a Demo of Advanced Financial Solutions
by Thomson Reuters
Get your firm the necessary information it needs to continually make critical business decisions

Are you ready to lead your firm with clear financial data?

1) Start predicting business outcomes now

Learn how Budgeting & Forecasting can help you track if your firm is on-budget with real-time insights that boost budget intelligence and protect profits.

We will help you understand how its modular design, can get you started in predicting business outcomes that are most pressing for your firm.

2) Review recent firm productivity instantly
When you start using our Advanced Financial Reporting to manage and measure firm performance you gain an immediate view into the most recent system activity.

Accounting professionals and staff can easily create, integrate, and maintain instant reports with up-to-the-minute insights on firm performance and trends.
3) Confidently plan for the near future
Profitability brings together cost accounting capabilities with analytics to give you visibility into cost and profitability drivers for cost management and optimization.

Our pre-configured worksheets and reports designed for law firms —create a perfect solution for budgeting, forecasting, reporting, long-range planning, analysis, and modeling.

4) Raise your bar for compensation management

Many of today’s firms handle partner compensation by manually entering data from multiple systems into spreadsheets, which is a cumbersome, inaccurate, and unsecure process.

Partner Compensation & Accounting from Thomson Reuters removes the manual burden by providing a streamlined solution that automatically imports data and maps it to your firm’s specific needs. The result is effective and secure compensation management that maximizes partner retention and recruitment.
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